How To Make Fake Payment Screenshot 2022

How To Make Fake Payment Screenshot 2022

Fake Payment Screenshot

Today we will talk about how we can create a screenshot of fake payment in Google Pay / PhonePe / Paytm & Amazon pay.  💯

How to Identify Authentic Google Pay Payment Screenshot  versus Fake Google Pay Payment Screenshot 

There is a minor difference between a fake payment screenshot and a real payment screenshot. You will not be able to tell whether this is a real or fake screenshot. If it is known by seeing that such a fake payment screenshot is made, then what is the use of those people who made it?

Looking at all of these fake payments, no one can tell whether they are real or fake... whether it is an Amazon pay fake screenshot, a Phonepe fake payment screenshot, a fake payment screenshot generated by a generator, or a fake payment screenshot generated by the app.

Nowadays, it has become very difficult to prank friends.  How will it be affected in such a situation if we surprise it by sending a screenshot of a fake payment? Here I will tell you an application and will teach you step-by-step how you can create a fake payment screenshot. Maintain this prank as a joke.
It's only for education purposes.


A fake payment screenshot means that we have to make a screenshot of whoever we regularly pay from Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, and Amazon Pay and the screenshot of which we are paying, which looks like the real thing... but that would be fake.

Fake payment is a method that can be used by fraudsters to rob normal people financially.

Well, it also works for pranking with friends.
There are many payment apps in it whose fake payment screenshots are made. But most of the UPI apps are used a lot. It includes phone pay, Google pay, Paytm, Amazon pay, etc. And scam people loot money by making fake payment screenshots of these saree apps.
In this, a fake payment screenshot is prepared so that no one can identify whether it is true or false.


Let's get straight to the point: how to make a fake screenshot of payment. First, you will need an application unavailable on the play store. The name of that application is "PRANK PAYMENT." Which is specially designed to prank people, but some people use it wrongly.
Click here to download that app ~

The Prank payment apk interface is very simple.

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When you open the apk from the upper download link, it looks like this:

Now you have to click on the payment receipt for whom you want to make a fake screenshot.
If I click on Phone Pay,

Fill in all of these fields with fictitious information and submit.

- Booooom 🔥

You've Got A Screenshot Of The Phonepay Fake Payment. ❤

A screenshot of a fake payment Many types are made. Either you can make it using an application or some online platforms are paid and give it to you.

How to Use Fake Google Pay Payment Screenshot

Share a bogus Google Pay receipt with your pals to fool them. This article's sole purpose is to provide humorous reading material. Thetechpower does not promote any fraudulent or illegal products or services.

You must provide the original information of the recipient to generate the fake payment screenshot.

Terms & Conditions

◾Thetechpower does not promote unlawful behavior.
◾This method is strictly for amusement purposes.
◾If you cannot obtain the payment snapshot, we cannot be held liable.

Now you can prank your friends.


》I'm not trying to mislead you,

》I am telling you all this only because you are aware of it... and do not become a victim of fraud like this.

- That's it, Guys.

- Enjoy. ♥️

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