What is BIN and How to use BINs Easy Method 2022

What is BIN and How to use BINs 
Easy Method 2022 •

• First of all we'll Discuss about what is bin ❓


- If seen in a simple way, the front 6 digits of the credit card are called bin.

- Example of bin : 


๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ Look Like This -‐

- Credit card's front 6 digits identify its BIN.
- From this it can be found out where this credit card is from.

- there are many website that provides Information about BINs.

- you just have to type that bin in the search bar.

- There is a separate bin for the particular site.

- To create a bin of a particular site, you need to do bining.

- in telegram many Free courses available for bining. You can search them.


1. A working BIN
2. A Good VPN ( Windscribe, Vypr, Express, Nord, Surfshark Etc.. )
3. Better Understanding.
4. Stable Internet Connection
5. Good Internet Browser (Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Brave  )
6. Patience 

- Binning is used to create bin.. which is for a specific site.. Different bins have to be created for different sites.

- Some Bins Work With Special IPs & Address & Some Can Work With ANY IP Address. 

- Some Bin Work With Generated Cards & Some Require Lives Only.

- Lives = Valid Card Number, 
Which We Can Check Using Some Sites Or Telegram Bots.

- That's it.


- After making the bin, it appears in some such form..

》1--- 543737xxxxxxxxxx

- Now let's assume that 1st bin is for netflix..

- So to use it in Netflix trials, you need to generate live Credit Cards. You can generate cards from this

- And paste that BIN In the site search Box.

- After Generating Many Credit Card Numbers , We Have To go On Ccn Checkers site .

- Paste That Generated Credit card in Ccn Checkers sites and Tap On check Valid -----

- Now the credit cards that will be live will be collected in a separate section. 
and Died credit cards will also be collected in a separate section.

- Collect this live Ccn from site by Copy and paste into Netflix trials.
If failed 1st time, do it again & again.

- Now use the generated card details for making an account.

- Same Type Method For all sites.

- if you do correctly all steps you will be success ๐Ÿ’ฏ


- By using bin, you can take trials of many premium sites, 
Like Netflix, Spotify, Hotstar, Even Shopping Sites toooo :)

- It would be correct even if bin is called a clone of a credit card.

- Because if we have made a bin of a site, then whatever we want to buy or take a free trial from those sites, we can take it with the help of that bin.

- And that's why the demand for Binner is so high in the world of hacking.

- The site where we can buy with the card, we can also buy using bin, So you can imagine how big this can be fatal for that site owners.

- For Using Details You Can Use Random Details Or Click Here

- For Temporary Mails - Click Here.

~ That's it ๐Ÿ˜Š

~ See You in Another Article !!

~ Thank You 

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