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How to get VERIFIED on instagram?

-- The verified badge is a check that appears next to the name of an Instagram account in search and on a profile. This means that Instagram has confirmed that it is an authentic account representing a public figure, celebrity or global brand.  So that you can be identified correctly.

~ In this article, I am going to tell some such steps that if you follow 100% correctly then no one can stop you from getting instagram verified badge.

- I have seen in many places in social media that someone is getting blue tick for so much money or someone is getting instagram verified for so much money.

- But all these are fraud in a way, bruh , that is instagram, there is no such site which will give you blue tick verification instead of money.

- If you apply for Instagram blue tick then instagram sees your business, sees your fan following and many more points and then does some process.

- there is no way to purchase INSTAGRAM VERIFIED BADGE paying Money 💯 😀

- so don't fall for it, Follow the steps which I tell below and get the verified badge of instagram.

-- without any further delay let's get start..😀

● STEP : 1

- Keep your account professional, non sp.ammy, 

quality looks and not just put any 10 year old together.

Your last 6 to 10 posts especially all should be good.

No reposts, no sales or promotion of Clay Davis, no non-original content.

If you use it to promote e-commerce, stop it or revert it to 1 ecommerce post for every 10 non promotional posts.

● STEP : 2 

-- Tweak your bio and 1 or 2 or your last 3 posts to be international. Internationally known or doing business globally.

I don’t know why but this matters if you’re not famous. 

It took us several tries and we were approved on the last request after adding some stuff about offices and projects we’ve 
done in other countries. 

They wont verify Birmingham’s Plumbing Service as that’s obviously local not global.

● STEP : 3

- Create 3 other copycat accounts from different ips, browser, and emails at different times. 

Each with their own bio and pics (even with pics stolen from your real account) Spread them each out a few days or week. 

Best to use a separate computer or phone, VPN if you don’t know what your doing. 

Clear cookies use a different phone etc. Never log into this from same your real accounts ip or phone or Wi-Fi or same cookies etc. 

Make the names like your username official or something very close to your username.

● STEP : 4

- Wait 1 to 2 weeks then have a couple friends report the account. 
Then you report the account as impersonating your account. 😜

● STEP : 5

- After the account is removed by IG. Apply to be verified. 

Booooom you’re done! 🥳

Usually takes about 5 days to hear back. 
If it’s a no then repeat the steps until its verified, 
you already created 2 more copycat accounts remember.


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