Transfer Wordpress Website from One Server to Other Server !


~ There is no shortage of plugins for every function feature and facility on wordpress platform.
~ But when it comes to transfer the WordPress website from one hosting to another hosting or from one domain to another, then these options are greatly reduced.
~ And if you are looking for free option then these list becomes even smaller.

Issues With Free Wordpress Transfer Plugins

1  -  They have a file size limit
   - Like maximum how many MB of backup you can restore.

2 - They run into troubles 

   -  Sometimes an error occurs, sometimes the restoration progress bar gets stuck, etc..

~ But do you know that it is very easy to move any WordPress website from one hosting to another hosting or even from one domain to another.

~ Such an easy task that you will not even need to login to the WordPress dashboard, all the work will be done with C-Panel only. 😊

~ In today's article we will see the process of shifting a WordPress website from one hosting to another without any plugin, absolutely easy-to-follow free guide.

~ In just 10 minutes your WordPress website will be shifted from one hosting to another hosting, will be shifted from one domain to another.

~ Now before proceeding, take a backup of your website, because all these steps are safe, we have tested a lot of times, I have performed it myself for hundreds of times but your technical experience, internet speed, internet stability know what is what create a problem, so just for the safety backup must be taken.

~ So after this statutory warning let's transfer the website 😀

~ We have two test websites ~

1 -
   - Old Website
   - Template Content
   - Subdomain Website
   - Hosted On NameCheap
   - This is a website built on a subdomain of domain in which we have             installed a template of elementor.

2 -
   - New Website
   - Fresh Wordpress Installation 
   - Domain Website
   - Hosted On Bluehost 
   - This website is built on a .com tld, 
   - just a fresh wordpress installation.

~ We will transfer this site to, within 10 minutes, without login to wordpress.

• So this article will have four steps •

Step - 1 》Export files from the old website.
Step - 2 》 Prepare the new hosting server.
Step - 3 》 import files on the new server.
Step - 4 》 Connect new website to the new domain.

Step - 1 》Export files from the old website 

~ Let's login to the C-panel of which is on namecheap,

~ So after login us to the hosting account of the first website, we will go to the FILE MANAGER 

~ In file manager, you have to go to the root folder of your website, here we have to back up all the files, download all the files in your computer.

~ Then after going to the root folder, click once on select all in the top 

~ Or you can also select all these files by pressing shift.
~ And after that click on this Compress option in the top.

~ After selecting the Compress option, you will see this popup, from which you have to select Zip Archive.

~ And then click on the compress files button.

~ Now hosting will compress all your files, you will have to wait for a while.
~ And now the backup of your website is ready. 

~ and it will be in file, Because the first folder we selected was .Well-known,
~ Give it a little memorable name so that we can remember it,

~ and after that i will download this file,

~ Select it and click on the download button above,

~ So as long as this file is being downloading, we will also export the database of our wordpress website,

~ We will go back to C-panel, there in the search bar you have to search PhpMyAdmin and click on this button.

~ PhpMyAdmin will take some time to load, let it load,

~ After loading phpMyAdmin you will see that you are seeing many databases in the sitebar in the list.

~ You do not know what is the database of your actual WordPress website.

~ The way to see which is very easy, we go back to the file manager, in the file manager you have to go back to the root folder of your wordpress website, and you have to find the Wp-config.PhP file,

~ select it and then the edit button press.

~ And once again press the edit button.

~ And here you will see a /define db _name and after that the name of your database will be here, Here we can see that the number is wp5334, here is the identifier of your database.

~ So we have to export 5334 database.

~ So we go back to PhpMyAdmin tab, here in the list we can see wp-5334 database, select it,

~ and then without clicking anywhere else you have to directly click on export tab which is on top side.

~ You do not have to select anything else in the Export tab, you just have to click on this go button directly.

~ By clicking on this go button, the database of your WordPress website will be exported. ✔

~ Here you can see wp-3354.Sql file has been downloaded, and from here step 1 is complete. ✔

Step - 2 》 Prepare the new hosting server.

~ Now the second step will be to prepare the environment for wordpress in the new hosting.

~  So now we will login to the blue host's dashboard, after login to the blue host's dashboard, we have to go to the advanced tab,

~ If you are using any other hosting then you will go directly to your C-panel.

~ After going to Cpanel, we will search in the search bar SQL.

~ You will see option MYSQL-databases you have to click on it.

~ You will also see a similar option in your hosting.

~ First of all you have to create a new database here,
~ Here you can give any name to the database,
~ Here we give the name Wp-2322 and click on the create database button,
~ After created database we will click on go back,

~ Going back, we will scroll down a bit in this page, an option named MY SQL user will appear, here we will create a new user,

~ The prefix for the user you are creating here is already given to you.
- localse2_
- What will be the suffix next, you can decide from this text box here

~ Here you will define the name of your user, and after that you will have to give a password, it is very important for this password to be strong, because the security of your website depends on this password.

~ Here we can use this password generator which hosting is already providing.

- Name of database ✔
- Name of user ✔
- Password ✔

~ You have to save these 3 things in a safe and secure place. 

- These 3 things will be required in the coming steps.

~ After saving these 3 things we come back on add new user and click on create user.

~ After the user is created, you will have to connect your new database with the new user, for this you will have to scroll to the ADD USER TO DATABASE part on this page.

~ These are the option to 
• cteate the database, 
• create the user, 
• connect the database with the user, 

》all three will appear on the same page.😜

~ From User drop down you will select your new user, select your new database from database drop down and then click on add button.

~ After clicking on Add button a privilege window will appear like this, 

~ in this you have to click on all privileges and then click on make changes.

~ Now your database is ready Now we have to import the database of our old website in this new database, then we will once again go back to C-panel and search here PhPMyAdmin.

~ Once PhpMyAdmin is loaded on the blue host in the new hosting, and as soon as PhpMyAdmin is loaded, Click on the new database you created, and without clicking anywhere, you will directly go to the import tab.

~ In the import tab, you have to click on this choose file button and you have to select the same SQL file that you just downloaded from the old hosting. 

~ This will be a .SQL file, select it and after that click on the go button directly below.

~ You do not need to change any other option.

~ For a while it will have to be given time to import, after the import is complete, you will get the message of successfull in this way,

~ and your second step is completed here. 😉


Step - 3 》 import files on the new server.

~ Now our third step is to restore old files.

~ So now we will go back to C-panel and this time select FILE MANAGER in new hosting.

~ So for step 3, we go to the file manager of the new hosting and the new website that is here, we will go to the root folder of that website and we will delete all the files here by selecting all.


~ And after deleting, click on upload which is the button above.

~ And then after clicking on the select file here, we will upload the by clicking here
- zip file that we downloaded from the file manager of the old website.

~ Once completed, when the 100% successfull message appears here, then after that you can close this tab.

~ Now go back to FILE MANAGER, select your zip file which you just uploaded, and extract it by clicking on Extract button above,

~ After that all the files of your old website, they will appear here as-it-is, and your restoration process is complete.

~ The restoration process has been completed.

~ But now if you want to go and see, then the website will not be visible because there is still one crucial step left.

~ You will have to find the wp config file once again in the FILE MANAGER of this new hosting.

~ And after selecting it again you have to select on edit option, once again click on edit button then this file will open,

~ Opened File Look Like This

~ In this wp config file we have to enter 
👉 new database name, 
👉 new user name 
👉 new password.

~ That's why we had stored that database name, user name and password. ( Old )

~ You have to replace these three things in wp config very carefully.

~ After pasting these three things, simply click on Save Changes and close it.

~ Now the transfer of your website is completed 💯 ✔

~ If you are transferring the same domain from only one hosting to another hosting, then this is the process of transfer for you, it ends here.

~ But if you are transferring one domain to another domain, transferring one domain's WordPress website to another domain as we are doing in this article, then only one small step is left for you.

~ Because we are transferring sub domain website to domain website, then we will do a final step ( step 4 ).

Step - 4 》 Connect new website to the new domain. ( FINEL STEP )

~ We will go Back to blue host which is hosting number two, will go to the C-panel of the new website which is hosting and will search once again PhPMyAdmin.

~ After click on PhPMyAdmin, you will select your same new database, from this list,


~ We will click on it and as soon as you click on the name of your database, you will see a lot of text links like this, here you will see a text link named options, you have to click it.

~ And here your first and second link of the old website are visible like below.

~ Number 1 and number 2, in both the places you will see the link of your old website, double click on it and you have to add your new domain in both the places.

~ And one last change we do is to change the email id of the admin account of this new website, the option of admin email is on number 6, double click on it to add the email of the new website.

~ And here step number 4 is also completed. 🥳

~ The website that was there has been transferred from one domain to another.

~ The whole process is completed ✔ 💯

~ Thanks for Visiting our site 🙂 

~ See you in next TUTORIAL 💜


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