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Setup Proxys On Different Devices - Top 8 Methods


~ Eight New Ways About HOW TO SETUP PROXYS ON DIFFERENT DEVICES AND BROWSERS EASILY | That Will Turn Your World UpSide Down 🙃 😜


~ 1. the agency, function, or office of a deputy who acts as a substitute for another.

~ 2. a : authority or power to act for another

        b : a document giving such authority.

specifically a power of attorney authorizing a specified person to vote corporate stock

~ 3. Person authorized to act on behalf of others : PROCURATOR.



~ Almost every version of Android supports this configuration. If there is some difference - you will intuitively guess it.

~ Open your settings on a device. Enter the "WIFI" menu. As per show below.

~ Long-press on the name of connected WI-FI network, and then you will see the appeared menu. Tap on the "Modify network" button.

~ In the newly opened window, you can see at the bottom the "Advanced" drop-down bar. Press on it, and then, choose from another drop-down box "Proxy" -> "Manual"

~ In appeared fields enter the data of the purchased premium proxy server. "Proxy hostname" will be an IP address of the proxy, port depends on your proxy server. Usually, such data can be found in the order submission mail. After entering the data tap on the "Save" button.

~ If your proxy server requires the authorization by login and password after such configuration a pop-up window will appear and you could enter the required data.

~ The configuration proxy on Android is finished. 

You are able to use your proxy server now. 🥳

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~ For comfortable work through the popular proxy protection server, its proper configuration is important.

~ First, you need to press the key combination "Win" "R". A window will appear where "inetcpl.cpl" is must be entered.

~ In the next window that opens, go to the "Connection" tab, put a mark in front of the inscription "network setup".

~ Windows 10 proxy server can be connected in two ways: automatically or manually.

~ In the case when the proxy server is configured manually, then for the system you need to provide the server address, as well as the port. If it happens automatically, such actions will not be required. Click "Use a proxy server for local connections and go to" Advanced ".

~ Next, enter the proxy data. In the first field, you should type a server IP address. Pay attention to the inscription - 1 proxy server for all protocols. We put a tick.

~ An important step is to save edits. Now you know how to configure proxies on Windows 10. 


~ Now you know that setting a proxy up on an iPhone is not difficult, but you can't do it without paying attention.

~ Find "Settings" in the main menu, then "Wifi".

~ Press the "i" button next to the "Wifi" network to which you are already connected.

~ Pay attention to the "HTTP proxy" section, which is located at the very bottom of the page that opens.

~ Setting the proxy server up on iOS is manual. Select this function. Windows will open in which the individual server IP address and port are used to be entered.

~ If you were given a login and password after the purchase, click on "Authentication" and enter this data.

~Boooom 🥳✔


~ In order to start working in Mozilla Firefox through a proxy, you need a browser and a proxy server, which can be found freely on the Internet or purchased from a reliable supplier. You can download the browser from the official website of Mozilla. Configuring a Firefox proxy is a simple process that only takes a few minutes of your time.

~ In order to protect ourselves and correctly configure the proxy server for the Mozilla Firefox browser, we need to clear the collected data by the browser. We are talking about cookies, cache and browsing history. We go into the browser, there is an image in the upper right, clicking on which opens the browser menu. Next, go to "History".

~ In the journal menu, select "Clear Recent History...".

~ In the opened "Clear All History" window. In the "Time range to clear:" field, set the "Everything" period. We also mark the checkboxes in all the items and click "OK".

~ Now the proxy setup itself in firefox begins. Open the browser menu again and select the "Settings" item.

~ To make it easier to find the proxy server settings menu in Firefox, write "Proxy" word in the search bar at the top of the window that opens. In the found result, click the "Settings..." button.

~ The window "Connection Settings" opens and we see the category "Configure Proxy Access to the Internet". We select the item "Manual proxy settings", set a check mark in the items "Use this proxy server for all protocols" and "Do not ask for authentication (if the password was saved)". Enter the details of the purchased private proxy server. You can easily find the IP address, as well as the port in the letter on your mailbox, if the purchase was made from the Proxy-Seller, as well as in your personal account. We will take one of our proxy servers as an example. After entering all the data, press the "OK" button to save all the changes.

~ Immediately after configuration, the proxy server authorization window will appear. If, when purchasing a proxy, the authorization type was selected "Login and password" - you can also see this data in a mail or in your personal account. When authorizing by IP, this window will not appear. the proxy server will already be automatically authorized. Enter the required data in the "Username" and "Password", put a tick in the item "Use Password Manager to remember this password." and click "OK".

~ Done !!


~ Before proceeding directly to the construction sites, you need to do a small preparatory operation. The fact is that many websites identify users not only by IP address, but also by browser history, cookies and cache, so they need to be cleaned.

~ In any of the tabs of the Google Chrome browser, press the key combination "CTRL + H", it will open the "History" window.

Click on the "Clear browsing data" icon.

~ Check all the boxes in the "Basic" and "Advanced" tabs, and from the drop-down list select the time range "All time". Then click on the "Clear data" button.

~ Open the Google Chrome settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the browser and select the "Settings" menu.

~ In the search field in the settings menu, enter the word "Proxy", then click on the icon "Open your computer's proxy settings".

~ Scroll the settings window to the "Manual proxy setup" section and activate them by clicking on the switch.

~ Enter the IP address of your proxy server and its port, and then click the "Save" button for the changes to take effect.

~ Done !! 


~ Configuring proxies in Safari and MAC OS is not as complicated as it seems at first sight. Safari is the default MAC OS browser.

~ To start Safari, click on the compass icon in the Doc. A browser window will open. Work in Safari is not fundamentally different from work in other browsers. Let's look at the basic proxy settings in the Safari web browser.

~ In order to perform this operation on a device running on the MAC operating system, you need to open the Safari browser and perform a few simple steps.

~ In the new window, fill in the fields for entering the address or port of the selected server. Click on the "OK" button to complete the setup. If the selected server requires the use of a username and password, then when you enter any website you will see a special window for entering this data.

~ If your proxy server is tied to the main IP address, you won't need to enter anything else, and you can freely use the Internet access.

This completes the setup for Safari and MAC OS.. ✔


~ First of all, if you want to use the Internet anonymously and safely, then you should clear the cookies, cache and the history of your visit. Let's start with this again.

~ In the upper left corner press on the Opera icon, put your mouse over the "History" field and the other field will appear. Press the "Clear browsing data" button.

~ Click on the "Advanced" cleaning. Tick all the check boxes and do not forget to choose from the "Time range" drop-down box -> "All time". And press the "Clear data" button.

~ Press the Opera icon once again, and from the drop-down menu press the "Options" button.

~ In the upper right corner, you can see the search field. Let’s use it to make the search even easier. Just type "Proxy" in it.

~ After this, press the button on the right side of the "Open your computer's proxy settings" field.

~ In the newly opened window put a tick for "Manual proxy setup" -> "Use a proxy server"

~ Fill the fields with the purchased proxy server data. The IP address and port. We will take one from our proxy servers. And then press the "Save" button.

~ Search anything in Opera and the authorization window will appear if you haven't purchased the proxy with IP authentication. If you have purchased proxy with login and password authentication, then enter your username and password.

~ The configuration is done correctly. The browser will start using the proxy since this moment.

~ An active proxy server in Opera can often cause problems connecting to certain sites and other similar functions. In this case, it is better to disable it. 

~ The browser uses proxies to send indirect requests to network services, which allows you to visit resources without being noticed. And since the browser proxy is used only by the user's decision, canceling the command will require a manual shutdown.

8 : HOW TO SETUP A PROXY IN LinkenSphere 

~ LinkenSphere is one of the best anti detect browsers, the most convenient and secure tool for professional work on the Internet. 

~ The browser is equipped with systems of protection and substitution of prints (GPU, Audio, Canvas, Plugins, Fonts, ClientRects, Ubercookies). 

~ You should purchase it, and then you will be allowed to use it. So how do we set up a proxy in this browser? Let's take a look at the step-by-step guide.

~ Open your browser and press the "setup new session" box.

~ In the newly opened window find the "Network connectivity settings" section, and choose from the drop-down box the required protocol. We'll choose the socks5.

~ In the "IP address" and "port" fields, enter the required data. Also, if the IP authentication has been chosen via login and password enter such data in the "Username" and "Password" fields. Such data can be found in the order submission mail if you have purchased elite proxy from Proxy-Seller, also in the personal panel.

~ After filling the required fields press the "check proxy/geo" button.

~ The check must be finished with such a result. If you have faced any errors - check the proxy data fields.

~ With successful results press the "Save" button.

~ That’s it, the configuration is done properly. You can continue your secured surfing...

~ That's it Guys ✔

~ Thanks For Visiting Our Site ✔

~ Learn & Earn ✔


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