How To Create Listing Or Citation On Apple Maps? 2022

How to create listing or citation on apple maps ?
To rank the Google map listing, we keep looking for new places for local seo citations, but the listing made on apple map is not just a citation, nor is Apple's product so simple, your listing made on apple map, There are also citations, there is also an input for data aggregators which can automatically get you more citations.

There is also a listing made on a map application whose market share is increasing continuously. Everyone wants to have Apple phones in India and apple maps are the default map app in iOS. So how many more reasons do you need to create a listing on Apple Maps?

In today's tutorial, we will see the process of creating listings and citations on apple maps.

Listing on apple maps was already being made in many countries of the world, was already being made, this option was not yet available in United States, United Kingdom, Thailand but India. The business data that was visible in apple maps was still visible from the just dial and we have all heard the tales of the accuracy of the just dial. 

But all those things are now obsolete because now you can create a native listing in apple map yourself. Places on map speaks to apple in listing. Now let's see how to make it.

For that you have to click on the link given below, then you will be redirected directly to this page, you can also open in new tab.

Register Your Business On Apple Maps Here:

To create your listing on this page, you must first sign in with apple id, or create your apple id. just like google. so here we click on sign in with your apple id. We are using our already existing apple id here but you can cteate your new id by clicking on this create yours now button.

and then after that follow this tutorial. 

Once you login, you may have to select Apple ID & Privacy related check box, now we will select on countinue button and after that we come to apple maps, after that you will have to agree with terms and conditions again and then its After clicking on the agree button,

 You come to the same window on which we came in starting but this time you will have to type the name of your business here.

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Along with the option of add missing place will appear, click on it, now here you will first select your language, whatever native language you want to choose. Then after this the name of your business which is the real world name of your business by which people recognize your business, and then after this you have to select the phone number, after inputting your phone number the website and then the primary category you have to select. There is no exhaustive list of primary category here, but as soon as you start typing the category of your business, Apple automatically searches and gives you the options below. 

Apart from the primary category, you can also add two additional categories. After this you can search your business address or if you are not able to find your business address even after searching, then you can enter your business address as it is by clicking on this add address manually button. And then after that click on the next button.

Now, here you have to review your business information once and then click on verify ownership. Like below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

In Verify Business option, you have to enter the legal name of your business or if you are a sole business owner then you can enter your own name here, in this window and the information of your business which we have entered in the previous window. There is a difference of legality between the two. 

Google my business wants to keep your business name, address and phone number related to real world but apple map also wants to understand your business information from legal point of view, so in previous window we have put our business information real world  According to the name by which customers know your business, which you put in boards, posters, but the name of your business is from legal point of view or if you are just a solo proprietor then you have to enter that name here, To enter phone number, to add business website, to add D-U-N-S number D-U-N-S number is a free 9 digit company named DNB that provides local businesses, provides businesses that have a local map presence.  This is an American company that also operates in India, this is an optional feature, if you do not want to take D-U-N-S number, if you do not want to provide it, then you can skip this option.

But if you take this D-U-N-S number of DNB company and use it, then your business information automatically reaches many different news aggregator, map aggregator websites. so I'll recommend.

Now, we enter the head office address in the address, it is necessary to clarify here again that the address we have entered in the previous window is the local location but here we have to enter the adddess of the head office. let's say you are a bank which has 100 branches so the address we have entered in the previous window is of some branch but the address we are entering here will be the address of the head office of that bank. So we will enter this information and after that we will click on next button as shown below.

After clicking on next, you come to the contact information, here you have to give your name, your email id, give your phone number and with this you have to establish the relation you have with your business, will you?  You are the manager, owner, assistant, whatever relation you have with the business for which you are making the listing, you will enter that relationship here and then click on save & countinue.

In the next window, you are getting the option to take OTP by calling your number, then after clicking on this call - your number, 

you will get a call in which the verification number of 4 digit will be told to you, you will enter it here and then  After that click on the done button and this whole process is the process of verification of listing, it will be completed immediately as shown below. 

This way you can list your business on apple maps, create a high quality citation as well as bring traffic and business directly from iPhones and Macbooks. ✔

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