What are Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) ? 2022

In today's article, we are going to talk about domain authority and page authority, or should I say PA and DA.

So let's start without delay. First of all let us understand what are these? 

 Simultaneously, are PA and DA important for seo?  We will also talk about this because this is a very disputed topic and with that, how can you check the PA - DA of any website. 

So, today we will talk about domain authority and page authority. Let's do one thing, separate domain and page, once we talk about authority, what is the authority of a website or a webpage after all?


So, like you were given marks in school that in English you get 80 marks out of 100, then you are good in English, if you get 60 marks in English, then you are average, if suppose you have 40 in English. If the marks come then you are very below average, and if you come less than this like come less than 35 then you fail.

So in the same way, one mark has been given to the websites, like out of 100 I have given marks to one website that performance wise if I talk about this website, then what is the authority of this website or should I say what are these websites. Have so much value out of it.  For example, if I said 90 that the domain authority of a website is 90, then I give 90 marks out of 100 to this website. This website creates so much value, it is okay. So we understood in very simple language.


Now domain authority means complete domain, or if I say very simply, then the authority of complete website is called domain authority. 


Page authority means a single page, because see we also have homepage on the website, apart from that we have category pages, about us page, so if I compare homepage and about us page, both different value  It is an obvious thing because any internal links, external links will be very less on the about us page and on the other hand all the website links will be available in the homepage and most of the arrivals will be on the homepage, so comparatively means comman, understanding is that the authority of both of our about us page and which is the homepage will be different. So we call the authority of a particular page as page authority, very simple.


If the domain authority & page authority is good of your website, will it increase the rank of your site on the search engine results? So see, the answer is - there is no such relation.

For seo, if I talk that the domain authority of a website is 100 out of 100, and you say that the domain authority has become 100, now this website will rank firmly but there is no guarantee of this. Why is it like this?  So see, google has never said that page authority or domain authority matters to us right?  There are many such factors that help to rank a website, among them domain authority, page authority, google has clearly forbidden, then when google has forbidden, then where did these words come from?  Who generated this domain authority, page authority?

DOMAIN AND PAGE AUTHORITY IS DEVELOPED BY MOZ.COM, You must have heard its name many times, we also use many tools from this website. This is a website which mostly deals in making seo related facts and rules.  So they took out the terms that what were good websites, how to standardize them that these websites are of good value, these websites are of low value, these websites are absolutely negolazable.

So, say like this, he discovered a unit, like we measure water in litre, measure the height of something in inches, in feet, in meters.  Similarly, he said that we will check the authority of a page or we will check the value of a page, in terms of page authority or we will check a website in terms of domain authority. So all these have been discovered by, not by google.✔

So any private company says that these websites are good, these websites are bad, does it matter to Google?  No.

Now the question comes that then why are we talking about domain authority & page authority? Because its relation is with our backlinks or should I say off page seo. Now this is, how does it calculate the domain authority? So the answer to this question is hidden in this, they say that there is no such factor which we consider but there are many such factors from which we decide that this website will have its authority, its page authority. This will happen, But mainly the factor they consider is the number of backlinks.


So how many and how many quality backlinks are made on a website, it is a measure of them according to which they check how much authority a domain will have, how much will be the authority of a page i.e. they give marks to different different websites.  If I talk about before 2019, the only focus they had was only on the number of backlinks.  But after 2019, when they came to know that so many links are getting spamming, to increase their domain authority, and page authority, people are creating thousands of backlinks in 1 month.

So again gave a statement that we do not focus on backlinks only on checking page authority, but they changed their system a bit and now they see that what is the ranking of the website on google surf.  According to that also his domain authority and page authority will be decided.

That is, suppose that there are 50-60 thousand backlinks on thetechpower site, then it is not necessary that they will increase their page authority and domain authority, but they will check how much they are ranking on the surf, on which keywords they are ranking.  Apart from that the traffic is coming so much, all these things will also be calculated.

So a conclusion comes out of all these things that if the domain authority and page authority of your website are good then it is not necessary that that website or that webpage will rank.  So now this question will definitely come in your mind that when domain authority & page authority is not very important for our website, then why are we talking about it? 

So see, for this I give you a simple answer that we may not focus on page authority & domain authority of our website but we have to focus on page authority - domain authority of those websites on which we create backlink of our website  will do.  That's why whenever we talk about high quality backlinks, most of it, by the way, I do not say that 100% we will pay attention to this thing, but what will be our attention will be that if we have to choose a website that this  But we should create our backlink or not?  On this we should post the link of our website or not?  So how do we judge him for that?  So we can take a standard over there that yes there should be so much domain authority and page authority only then we will make backlinks on this website.

So to calculate that thing we will use domain authority and page authority.  So I hope it is clear to you that how important page authority & domain authority are in seo and how useless they are.

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