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We all have a passion for taking risks, doing something daring, mischief is not just a thing to be saved, people grow up and do something that society does not like. ๐Ÿ˜…
But tips like mummy's slippers, father's will and wife's scolding keep him on the line and in such a situation, the risk he desires to take, he comes out in small places like taking out the car even when there is a redlight, by hanging the mask around the neck Eating golgappas, claiming to teach BLACKHAT SEO.

Almost every digital marketing institute has BLACKHAT SEO in its syllabus. This is nothing like BLACKHAT SEO, but if you are a normal person, then you will compare that on one side he is a small man with 40 thousand subscribers and on the other hand one and a half thousand institutes taking 40 thousand fees.

Surely he does not know this, that is why he keeps on saying that nothing like blackhat seo ever happens, so today I will tell you in short steps why my reason is to say confidently that blackhat seo does not happen. Before the color of the cap, we should pay attention to the word seo, what is seo?

Mr. Amitabh Bachchn sir rightly said that English is a funny language. While naming the name, stupids not say whether to optimize the engine or optimize for the search engine. We are still covering up the awkward word spread from that one day.

But unless and until you call sundar pichai uncle, you cannot optimize the search engine.

 We cannot optimize the code of google, microsoft, bing or yahoo also. So, common sense says that whether or not seo means optimization for search engines

So, the job of Seo is to optimize the website for Search Engine. What does a search engine want after all?

1 : Make your website easy to find.
-- For this you can create some backlinks.

2 : After coming to the homepage of your website, it should be easy to access all the pages inside.
-- For this you create sitemap, create internal backlinks etc., 

3 : your website is easy to browse.
-- For this you increase the performance of your website, fix technical issues.

4 : The answers to the questions that the users of the search engine are looking for should be in your website.
-- For this you publish original, high quality and unique content.

simple, isn't it? Where did this black hat guy come from? All these are normal work and can be done directly. Well, between 2000 and 2005, some tricks were used to rank the website. At that time the search engines were not so smart, so if you write your keyword 100 times in white color text on a white background in a page, then maybe your page will be ranked.

People use tools like article spinners and post 100 copies of one of its articles, people used to maintain a private blogging network of hundreds of blogs, which used to take backlinks by taking dollars.  Link pyramids were sold. The first season of Mirzapur must be feeling, right? It was something like that. 

Now, what do people who do all these work give their work?  What do you name yourself? They were not doing optimization for the search engine, so they could not call themselves seo. And thieves do not call themselves thieves, that's why a word was taken out to give a decent name to their fake community BLACKHAT SEO.

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BLACKHAT is borrowed from programming world. In the world of programming, any work can be done with a computer with a non-standard method, 

BLACKHAT HACKER is called someone who does hacking with criminal intention for his own benefit. 

So these very enthusiastic youths, while borrowing this word, did not think that this word is used for activities with criminal intention. So, technically BLACKHAT SEO is a criminal and malicious activity as defined by wikipedia.

Think for a minute yourself that how the institute's are going around printing blackhat seo in their syllabus, it is like a medical institute taking out a crash course in their course for betel nut killers. Now the second season of Mirzapur is happening, isn't it? ๐Ÿ˜…

Well whatever happened a hundred happened, but suppose you are passionate about taking risk, you have seen scam 1992 and you believe that if there is a risk then it is ishq. If you want to learn blackhat seo then just imagine that today in 2022 this will work?  To know this we come back to our story, hundred this PBN, link scheme, spin content and all these games were going well but slowly google started cleaning this mess. Google's penguin algorithms started demote and de-indexing websites with fake backlinks. PBN started punishing paid links and useless link exchange and panda update started de-indexing and demote websites with spin content or thin content. So penguin started curbing fake backlinks and panda took control of fake content, then came hummingbird update, hummingbird algorithm which removed search results from keywords and started focusing on the meaning and intention of keywords.

So, now the benefit of keyword stuffing stopped and search engines started giving correct results to the user. Penguin, panda, hummingbirds These three algorithms got a lot of updates and gradually these three algorithms became part of the main google algorithm, so now google checks the nature of queries before giving every search results which come in website search results. Looks at its contents and looks at the quality instead of the quantity of backlinks and then ranks the websites.

Those who plan the game of backlinks in the name of blackhat seo, by tracing google, give them a challan of manual penalty, if someone spins the content and puts it on the website or copy it and puts it on other websites, then google rank their pages. Nor does it.  And if someone tries to show smartness about structure data, then now due to structure data also manual penalty google has been given.  Google has engineers from the world's best universities and the black hat ones neither have programming knowledge nor SEO. Those are the same old people 15 years ago who keep trying in reverse.

When you try such tricks on any website, on a new website, nothing happens at first because there is not enough traffic on the website that google notices it, when you spend your time, money and expectations in it for two years. If you give, then suddenly one day google notices your website and gives the conduct of manual penalty, at that time no one is standing with you, no institute supports you.

Success has a thousand parents and success is an orphan. Nothing happens in blackhat seo, those who are claiming to teach them, they are telling that they do not even know seo.

Don't listen to me, will you listen to matt cutts? In a 2012 blog, Matt Cutts wrote that "The opposite of whitehat SEO is something called BLACKHAT webspam".

Matt is also using Whitehat with SEO very cercastly, even just for writing, he is not writing blackhat seo in contrast to whitehat seo, he is writing blackhat webspam.  So, those who claim to teach blackhat seo, whether it is a blog, youtube video or a very stupid institute, they are only teaching you sp@mming, don't learn sp@mming, don't be a sp@mmer, learn seo.

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