How To Create Your Own Bulk SMS Gateway - Free

How To Create Your Own Bulk SMS Gateway For Free 

In this blog, I will show you how you can create your own bulk SMS sender or Gateway and also send SMS for free! 

Note: Educational Purposes Only


How to set up a telnyx account? And get free credits to send SMS with a simple trick? Later in this blog, I will show you how to connect the Telmex you created to your SMS sender and start sending SMS for free you don't want to miss any steps, so read till the end.

Let's get started, 

the very first thing we need to do is to buy a domain we will use for our sender; there are many websites to buy a domain from, such as NameCheap, GoDaddy, and others, but I will use hostinger for this tutorial

go to 

Click on domain select domain name search, now search for a name you prefer to use for your sender and click search. Add the one you choose to the cart and checkout. If you don't have an account, just create one and proceed with the payment. You could use many payment options, but I will pay with bitcoin. 

Once payment is made, log into your dashboard, click on setup and fill in your personal details to complete the domain registration. Our domain is now ready. Next, we need hosting to connect to our domain name for our website to be on the internet.

Again there are many hosting providers you could choose from. I'm using can tabs for this tutorial. Log into your hosting provider and point its name servers to your domain, so I will copy cantabo's name servers and tell them to my domain at hostinger. After pointing the name servers to the part, we must wait a few hours to fully propagate before our website is live.

After a few hours, visit to check if the name servers are fully propagated to match the name servers. Enter your domain name, select ns from the drop-down, and click search. Once you see your hosting provider's name servers popping up, you can proceed to the next step.

So what's the next step? The next step is to log into your Cpanel. We will configure email deliverability to receive emails in our Cpanel, but before we do that, we need to first add our domain name to our Cpanel. You only add the domain name to your Cpanel if you have already hosted a domain, but if your Cpanel is new, you don't need to add the domain

I already have multiple domains hosted on my Cpanel, so I will add my SMS sender domain to my Cpanel. To do that, click on add-on domains, type your sender's domain name and click add domain. Go to your Cpanel dashboard by clicking on the logo.

Now we need to configure the email deliverability as stated earlier. To do that, click on email deliverability, look for your sender's domain name, and click manage. Next step, you need to point these txt records to your hosting

all you need to do is to copy and paste these records and make sure you select a txt record. The records are now valid, but we need to add one more record before we can proceed to host our SMS sender. To add this record visit the link below

DMARC Guide | Global Cyber Alliance | Email Authentication Made Easy

enter your sender's domain name and click submit. Now follow the remaining steps and copy and paste these generated records to your hosting. Please only copy the text in the quotation marks done with the configuration, and can now receive emails in our Cpanel.

At this point, we can now proceed to host the SMS sender. We need to upload the SMS sender files to our Cpanel to get the files we have to purchase from this website. 

Sellix Digital Good: [DOWNLOAD] All-In-One Bulk SMS Sender

it costs just nine dollars, so I will proceed to make payment to access the files next. Choose your preferred payment method. I mostly use bitcoin for my online transactions, but you can pay with PayPal or your credit card. Enter your email address and click pay. Once payment is made, click the download file button to download the SMS sender files to your PC or check your email for the download link after purchase. 

Next, click on file manager, click on public HTML, open your website folder, and upload the files but before you upload the files, click on the settings icon. Make sure the show hidden files option is ticked and click save. Click on select all and delete everything before you upload the files. 

Now click on upload and upload the SMS sender files. Make sure to extract and upload the main file. Click on reload, right-click on the file and extract; next, open the folder, click on select all, and move the files to the root domain. At this point, our files have been uploaded. Before proceeding, we need to check if it's working.

Visit your sender's domain name once you see a page like this, then you can proceed with the configuration, go back to the files and delete the zip file you uploaded on your Cpanel dashboard. Click on email accounts and click on create. 

Select your sender's domain name and create an admin email. This email will be used for the configuration so save it somewhere as needed. Next, we need to create a database which will also be needed during the configuration to create a database. Click on my SQL database wizard, type your preferred name and click on the next step,

create a username and password for your database, click create user, select all privileges, and click on make changes. Your database is now created. Make sure to save your database name, database username, and your database password as they're going to be needed for the configuration. 

Now let's begin the configuration here. We need to set the permission of these folders to 775, meaning we should open the storage folder inside that folder. We will locate the framework folder and set the permission to 775 to do that, open the file manager, and select public html.

Open your website's folder now, we will open the storage folder, and inside that folder, we will set the permission of the framework folder to 775 and save. Now follow the same procedure to set the permission of the other folders. 

Now refresh your website. As you can see, we've got a green check mark to click on next to proceed, give a name to your SMS sender, enter your database credentials, and click save. This is where you will set your admin login credentials to enter the email you created earlier in the Cpanel, set up your admin password, and click save.

We couldn't proceed to the next step because our website is not secured. We need to install an SSL certificate to secure our website before the configuration goes through. 

Install SSL Certificate

To install the certificate, go to your Cpanel dashboard and search SSL. Click on SSL status, check the box, and click on run auto SSL. 

Our website is now secured we can now proceed with the configuration. As you can see it now worked. Now log into your sender with your admin credentials. We need to enter a purchase code. The purchase code will be attached to the SMS files you bought. Just copy and paste it to proceed.

Congratulations! You now have your own bulk SMS sender, but we're not done yet. We need to do a few more settings, click on settings - all settings, and select cron jobs

now copy these texts go back to your Cpanel dashboard and search for cron jobs, select once per minute, and paste the text you copied at the command field and click on add a new cron job. Go back to your sender as we are now going to create a telnyx account to get free credits to send SMS but before we do that, let's create a simple logo and add it to our sender to make it look more professional.

This part is not necessary. You can skip to the next part to create a logo visit I'm not going to explain how to create a logo with canva, but you can watch videos on youtube and learn about that. I'm going to speed up.

Now our sender logo is ready. I will now remove the background and upload it to the sender to upload the logo, click on settings -all settings, scroll down and browse to upload your logo, then save. Nice, our sender is now looking more professional.

Create Telnyx Account

now moving to the final part, let's now create a telnyx account and connect it to our SMS sender to start sending SMS completely free 

visit click on sign up, 

go to your Cpanel and create an email with your domain copy the email you've created and paste it at telnyx. Now enter your full name, set up your password, complete the captcha and click create an account. 

Now go back to your Cpanel and log into the email you used to sign up on telnyx, as stated at the beginning of this blog. If you fail to connect the txt records to your hosting, you cannot receive emails in your Cpanel. 

get free credits to send SMS telnyx

now verify the email and proceed. Our telnyx account has been successfully created, and we've been given ten dollars by telnyx to send SMS for free we are now going to connect telex to our SMS sender and start sending SMS.

the first thing we need to do is to buy a phone number, so click on the home 

Click on buy a phone number 

click search your free number 

enter the country you want to send SMS to and buy a number 

We've now bought the number we will use to send SMS. Click on numbers, select a messaging profile and create a messaging profile now; select the profile you created and click accept. The next step goes back to your sender. Click on the sending tab, select sending servers, add a new server, and search for telnyx. 

Go back to your telnets dashboard and copy-paste your API key and messaging profile id. Next, copy this URL, paste it into your telnyx webhook URL field, and save. Now go to the numbers tab and copy the number you bought.

set the sending limit to 600 and click save 

click on sending tab again

select numbers and click create

paste the number you copied from your telnets dashboard

if you want to send MMS to select MMS and save  

next step, click on the plan tab, select plan, add new, give a name to your plan, set the price to zero, and save. Next, click on plan features, set SMS sending credits to unlimited, and save at the speed limit section. Set it to 600 per minute and save. 

Next, select sending servers and choose telnyx at the pricing section, click add coverage, choose the country you will be sending SMS to, and set everything to zero and save. Set per-unit price to point 0 and save. Finally, click on the customer tab, select subscriptions, add a new subscription, and click create. We've now connected our telnyx to our SMS sender, and it's ready to send SMS.

Let's now test to see if everything we've done is perfect and working to send SMS with your sender hover on the image icon and select switch view. 

Now I'm going to get a USA number to test. Add the number to the recipient field, choose the number you bought from telex, enter your message and click send. Our message has been delivered.

Now let's check to see if it delivered as expected. As you can see, it worked. You now have no excuse for being your own boss.

Take action and stop paying huge fees for sending SMS

and don't forget to share my blog if you find it helpful,

thank you for your time!

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