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Facebook is the top social media platform. Where people create crores of ids every day and delete crores. From this, you can get an idea of ​​how big this platform is. Facebook's CEO & founder is Mark Zuckerberg, who is a citizen of the USA. Facebook was established in Feb 2004. Facebook was founded about 18 years ago today.


1. Social Engineering
2. Facebook Phishing
3. Keylogging
4. Password Stealers 
5. Bruteforce Attack
6. Dictionary Attack
7. Botnets
8. Cookie Grabbing 
9. Sidejacking
10. Clickjacking
11. Mobile Phone Hacking
12. DNS Spoofing
13. USB Hacking xD
14. Session Hijacking
15. Man In The Middle Attacks
16. Exploiting Facebook's Trusted Friend Feature
17. By Pass Security Questions
18. Fake SMS (To Hack Facebook Status)


Friends, let me tell you that 95% of what happens to hack is based on social engineering. You cannot hack anyone's Facebook id so easily. You know that Facebook is a very big social media platform used by billions of users daily. Thousands of people and thousands of people deactivate their IDs. So hacking such platforms is not so easy. As Facebook itself has said that it is impossible to hack my website. 

Hacking has become impossible today, but some methods and techniques exist. Using them, we hack people's IDs, computer systems, and everything else.

Let me give you a small example: a hacker hacked 45 million computers with just a simple attachment spam mail. He had created a spam mail in the name of I love you & love letter for you.txt. Who hacked 45 million computers? Now you can imagine what is this way.  See, this is not a direct attack. Take a look at the history of all the big hackers. No one has performed a direct attack even there. If you say that someone should be hacked directly, or he does not have a link to the internet, and he is sitting miles away from you, lives in some other country, and you hack his android, hack Whatsapp, hack his Facebook, it is not possible, friends. If someone tells you this, then they are fake.

If someone tells you that we will hack you directly on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, then all of them are fake, this is propaganda, and nothing like this happens.  Yes, there are ways, but now it comes in the way of how much you can convince someone in social engineering. All this should be in you. You have to see what your victim likes.  What does he like, and how do I send this link, so he clicks on it?  Or what should I do so that the victim is forced to click on it?  People hack people by doing small things.  I had a close friend who hacked 40 to 50 Facebook IDs using this method. Social engineering is very important to hacking someone's IDs or personal information.


HACK FACEBOOK ON LOCAL NETWORKS ( Social engineering + phishing attack ) ✅

The first method is how to hack Facebook locally, which is the best and easiest method. So first of all, friends, let me explain that I have opened the Facebook page, m.facebook.com. This m.facebook.com means that this is the page of the mobile. If you use it from the chrome browser on your mobile or safari on your iPhone, then whenever you type facebook.com, it will come in front of you like below, 

And the ones shown below are desktop sites if you use any browser on the computer, whether it is chrome, Mozilla, or internet explorer. When you open the Facebook site, the complete page of Facebook will open.

So now it is to be done further that if your victim is a mobile user, you must copy its source code by searching the m.facebook.com site. And it has to be saved in a text file somewhere.

Let's say your victim is using a PC, then you just have to copy the source code of the homepage of facebook.com and save it in the text file. This text file has to be saved like this
 index.html, And in encoding, you have to choose UTF-8 and save it. I will give a tool to save this .html file in the same folder in which the tool will be.

Here I am taking the example desktop page ok. By the way, you must have been able to copy the source code. You have to right-click with the mouse on whatever page you want the source code and simply click on the view page source. 

Now copy the code that will come with CTRL+A and save it in the text file. That's it.

After that, what you have to do is that I give you the link to a tool whose name is page maker tool. Using this, you can create a phishing page on any site, and all of them will be undetectable. The specialty of this tool is that no antivirus or browser will not be able to detect it, nor will it stop them. 


You must create a text file in the same folder as the PageMaker tool. In that text file, you must paste the text you copied (Source Code Text). You have to change the encoding of that file and choose UTF-8.

Then you have to open that PageMaker tool. Remember to use such a tool in any RDP or in the virtual machine. Due to this, you will not have any risk of virus. Target page: By clicking browse in the page file, you have to upload that index.html file. 

It is to be kept in mind that we have to redirect it, i.e., when the victim visits this page, he should not suspect that we are phishing on him or doing something wrong. It redirects and goes directly to a video or goes an image. So for that, we will copy the link of any video or image. For example, we copy a video link and paste it on the redirect page. So, whenever you log in to this phishing page, it will be redirected to this page.

Then in the next step, you have to create a logs.txt file in the fetch file because it will be logged whenever that user enters their username and password.  It will be saved in the txt folder. Name this folder whatever you want, do not forget to keep the extension .txt. After that, you just have to click on the Create button. After that, the PHP file will be created there. We have to use the PHP file that is here locally.

Like I told you about the local attack. So for the local attack, we need apache server MySQL. For that, you have to download a software named xampp. To download it, you just have to search in Google and download it from the first result that will come. 

Like I told you, the local attack, an Apache server, and MySQL are required for a local attack. For that, you have to download a program named XAMPP. To download it, you just have to search for it on Google and download it from the first result that comes. Go to that site and download the software according to your computer. If your computer is 32bit, download 32bit; if 64bit, then download 64bit. If you are a Linux user, then it is also available for Linux.

This software is normally 100 MB in size. This is software that gives you Apache Server and MySQL. When you download this software, you will have to install it. After installing, you will open some such control panel in Task Manager, and if it is not open in Task Manager, then simply open that task from the start menu. The manager will come alone.
 Next, by right-clicking Task Manager, there will be a show/hide option above. Click on it, then the entire Control Panel box will pop up on the screen like below.
One thing must be done before starting the apache server and MySQL in that software. Where you have installed XMAPP, go to the folder of that disc and find htdocs. By opening it, all the old files have to be deleted from them, and in the same folder, you must paste the file with index.php, which we had created.
 Then you have to start the Apache and MySQL servers by clicking on Simply Start in the Control Panel. Right-click on the task manager below to see if it has turned green or not, as shown in this screenshot.

You must send your IP address to the victim, not your local IP address. The IPv4 address is the same. Because this is a local attack, we will use our local IP address.


To see the local IP address of your PC, just go to the command prompt, type ipconfig, and press enter. The IPv4 address will appear in the results.

Copy it and simply send it to your victim. The Facebook page will normally open with a login user face. If you do not want to send direct IP, convert it to a short URL, such as bitly, TinyURL, wow. Link is. Gd, etc.

You can send this IP by saying how you can get Facebook likes. Or you can make an excuse for some kind of prank. All the people who will enter their username and password into the URL ip that you have sent of them will be saved in our text file, which will be saved in the htdocs folder, and in fact, they will log in even if we have the link to the video in the redirect page. It will be redirected there. The victim will not have the slightest doubt that his Facebook account has been hacked.
This is called a local attack. You can use it in your school's local area, which is 100% undetectable. It cannot be detected by the chrome browser. Even antivirus and Windows detectors cannot detect that the page contains a virus.

So I hope you have understood correctly how Facebook is hacked locally. You can ask in the comment box if there is any doubt. I am present at your service 24/7, free of cost.




Let's get
started, we need the following few tools.

Kali Linux OS




A great part of the tool is Ferret which captures session cookies that travel across the LAN. Hamster is the proxy that “ma-

Manipulates” everything collected by the Ferret. Ferret doesn’t come with Kali 64-bit version. To install it, we

Need to add the i386 (32-bit) repository. After that, we can install it. By running the following line code in the terminal. You can install it easily. 

dpkg–add-architecturei386 &&



After you do that, let’s move on.


We use Ettercap to poison targets. Open it up and do:

Sniff > Unified sniffing.

MitM > ARP poisoning and check SniffRemoteConnections

Finally, Start > Start sniffing.

All we have to do is run the ferret interface. When that Ferret Is installed. For instance, I’ll be using Ethernet.

To run Hamster, just type hamster in a new terminal.


To view the cookies, we have “hijacked,” simply open your web browser and type in your localhost.

Ip and portlike this:

Now just put the interface name in Hamster to listen on. Go to adapters and enter the same interface that just

You entered Ferret.

Press SubmitQueryand wait for a while, and you’ll see cookies begin to appear.

To view the cookies, simply click on the IP address. When you start seeing some IP addresses (also yours) pop up.

Just hit the URLs the view them.

If you want to view the original cookies, just click that cookies button and replace hampster with your localhost.

You can open up the .pcap file in the home folder or IP and port as before at the beginning of the URL. 

Note: Cookieswillonlyworkuntilthesessionexpires.

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